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Welcome to Professional Accounting & Financial Services.

Disclaimer: We are not your regular “Tax Prep” Accounting Firm. What does that even mean you ask?

What is Tax Prep: Tax preparation is the process of preparing tax returns in compliance with tax code for submission to the Internal Revenue Service.

What do we do at Professional Accounting & Financial Services? 

We Tax Plan!

What is Tax Planning: When tax planning, we analyze a person’s business, life, and regulatory requirements to legally & substantially reduce taxes. 

Bottom line…Tax Prep costs money while Tax Planning actually produces a Return On Investment! 

After we have a plan in place, we use the below services as needed to make sure we reach the goals set out in our tax plan:

  • Tax Prep
  • Tax Resolution
  • Outsource CFO Services
  • Payroll
  • Business Accounting
  • QuickBooks Set-Up & Implementation

You can stop overpaying in taxes today! 

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